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From redesigning UI of the old data analyzing tool, WinView, it enables engineers to analyze data from a sensor attached to industrial machinery more efficiently and quickly.


System Analysis

System Design

Qualitative Research



Group Project

Me - System Design

Tony - Directing

Alvin - Visual Design



Brief Product Description

Interaction Problems

1. Scrolling the bars and using icons are the only ways of interacting with the graphs. 

2. Using icons is the only way to zoom in/out the graphs 

3. It takes so much time to see information of selected data.

4. Scrolling all the 3 bars at the bottom takes many steps to zoom in/out the timeline.

Icon Problems

1. Icons are arranged linearly.

2. Fundamental interactions like zoom in/out or move graphs can be done through using icons rather than using keyboard and mouse clicks.

3. If you look at the boxes of number 1, 6 or 8, some functions are repeated unnecessarily.

4. Like the boxes of number 4, 8 or 10, some functions can be done through direct interactions using keyboards and mouse clicks.

Redesigned Winview

Each block has each main function.


- General file control functions are on the left bar.

- General interactions with the graphs functions are on the top bar.

- Timeline control is more intuitively designed located on the bottom.

- Graph zoom in/out is more accessible than the original with fewer interactions.

- File and equipment name is visible on the left top bar with running status.

Information Architecture

The boxes on the highest rank represent each block on the interface.

Under each box, it shows information hierarchy of the blocks.

Interactions in Detail

Client's Feedback