1111 8th st. SF, CA

What you want to get out of this project/semester/year?

I want to study what are the arts and how the arts have been applied into a design or other different types of  fields.

What skills do you want to enhance or develop?

- Visual Design Skills

- Professional Attitudes as A Designer and Artist

- Applying Different Types of Subjects into Design/Arts

What does a successful project look like to you?

A successful project will show your idea clearly. If the idea is clear enough, then even your grandparents will understand immediately what are you trying to show through your project.

What are you concerned about?

I'm concerned if my project doesn't show what is my intention clearly.

Things that make my project unsuccessful:

- Late to class

- Stubborn attitude

- Unreasonable procrastinating

- Skipping working out

- Not doing enough research -> it creates vague idea

- Not spending enough time on thinking and executing

   -> it also creates vague idea

- Thinking that arts are pointless in this world

- Drinking not enough water

- Not loving myself

If I change myself little by little to make my project more successful, then the project would less likely to be unsuccessful.