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UniMini is a combined meaning between union and portable. It enables people to contact their family more often but playfully in a remote environment by sending a message of light on the app called UniMini.


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How Does It Work?

There are at least two participants in this system, a sender and a recipient. After you download the app UniMini, you are able to send the message of light to the recipient. Choose one of the suggested emojis or write a short word (up to 6 characters) and choose the colour of light. LED light strips will be automatically transformed to the shape you sent.

"(Contacting family virtually is) not enough definitely (to feel attachment) but I don't have other choices." - Manasvi

Light Is Faster Than A Plane

Sometimes, contacting a family through texting or video call in a remote environment is not enough to feel a sense of belonging among the family members. By sending the visualized emotion (transformed LED light strips), you can show how emotions transcend time and space.

"...when a lot of stuff is going on my life,

  sometimes contacting is stressful."    - Maro Han

Reduce the Pressure of Contacting

by Simply Sending the Message of Light

Even you are busy, you can show how much you think your family just by one single interaction. It's easy and quick. Choose one of the suggested emojis that can represent your most current emotion and choose a colour then you are all set to send the message of light!


There Are Two Types of People in General

In Terms of Contacting

Sometimes people enjoy contacting itself and reduce pressure from their lives through contacting but not everyone does. Other people feel the pressure of contacting especially when they are extremely busy. 

create a tool that enables people to contact their family more playfully but spending less time?


I've been thinking the light is the most powerful tool to show deep emotions that are hard to verbally say. Then I thought, what if people can contact each other through remote controlling LED light strips? Following that thought, I decided to combine light and space concept with the behaviour I want to change: family contacting.