1111 8th st. SF, CA

Project Checkpoint 1

Concept 1 : Voice Assistance Tasks Reminder

Concept 2: Self Assessment Booth


=    Magic Mirror Self Assessment/Compliment Tool

The final concept I will work on is "magic mirror self assessment/compliment tool" which provides a memorable and emotional experience for users through interactions with the magic mirror with voice assistance.


It will be a challenge to prototype the concept, but I'll apply the prototyping method that I learned from the Objects & Space class. I will project digital screens on a mirror by installing the projector on the ceiling (of the booth from the concept 2?). A solid solution for prototyping and content flow haven't been decided yet, but it will be started this week. It also will be another challenge to create what content in order for the users to assess and give themselves compliments.


From the rubric, all the categories will be helpful to track my project in the right way, but 'Brand use' won't be a primary assessment of my project. This is because solid system, content flow, and prototyping will be more important criteria.