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6th Week

Snow White

The final concept that I decided to work on is called Snow White. It gives users an opportunity of self assessment and self compliment through interacting with a magic mirror. The name Snow White comes from the concept of magic mirror and the idea that my professor Gretchen suggested. It's a combined concept between the concept 1 and concept 2 which are voice assistance task reminders and self assessment booth. As a result of the combination, the magic mirror will advise users with various kinds of voice tones how to give themselves warm compliments to boost up their confidence in self-belief power.

The reason why I want to help people to build up self-belief confidence is because I learned from my life that a designer of your life is yourself. I believe that an initiation of designing your life comes from your own self-belief that gives you the power to put the best efforts in every moment. 

To go to the next step, I prepared a few questions.


- Where the mirror will be placed? In the booth or in a room?

- How will the size of the mirror be?

- Are there other tools will be used?


- What kind of voice tone will you prepare?

- What will make users to do a self compliment?

- What is a moment when users need the self compliment and feels less confidence?

- How will you design the flow of the contents?

On the next week, answers from the questions will help me to increase the quality of the concept more solidly.