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Your 5 idea sheets

Photos of the ideation process we did in Session 01

Your choices of concept direction and why you selected it







I'm exploring how LED lights in depressed people can help brining family closer.

I've always interested in making people happy and playful. I guess it's because of my sister. She has diagnosed as lack of serotonin, as a consequence, she usually feels depressed randomly as what she said to me.

Ultimate goal of this concept is making my sister less depressed so that she can feel a sense of belongings with her family but also helping other people who are depressed to be more independent and confident.

Next steps in your research

For the next step, I'll do research about reasons why people have lack of serotonin and ways of how people can have more serotonin by internal/external facts.

In addition, I'll do research about what kinds of led lights and different tools can be properly used for my project.

What the process was like

The process we used in the class made me reappreciate how designers are creative. It's because the way we did in the class to decide one solid idea is starting from scratch. We had to bring all the knowledge we know from all kinds of subjects like what are social problems, what I mostly interested in recently, or what kinds of tools we can use for our projects etc... All the design steps are meaningful. 


One thing that I want to do differently is coming up with different kinds of social impacts. Bringing family closer can be impactful to someone but there is definitely a bigger social impact that we have to care more. I couldn't think about it because I haven't done research about other social issues.